Register for Camp Quest Ohio


  • Two sessions in 2019: June 16-22 & July 14-20

  • Regular Rates are $590 for the first camper and $565 for each additional camper from the same family

  • To reserve a space, pay a minimum of the $175 deposit within 30 days

Camp Quest Ohio is open to all children ages 8 to 17.


Campership Requests
Form can be found in the Active Camps Account once families register.
Camp Quest Ohio has limited ability to provide financial aid to reduce the cost of camp for families with financial need. Each year, we make a determination based on the number of donations as to how many camperships we are able to provide. All campership recipients are asked to pay, at minimum, the $175 deposit for camp and then to decide what amount their family finances allow them to contribute above that amount towards the camp fees.

Apply for a Campership:
To apply for a campership, register your camper at the link above.
Once registered, submit the campership request form.
While funds are available, camperships requests will be reviewed on the 1st and the 15th of each month and a determination sent out soon after.
Form must be submitted within 30 days of registering for Camp Quest Ohio.


LT Application (Age 16 & 17)
Form can be found in the Active Camps Account once registered.

“Leadership Track”, or LT is a dynamic specialized youth development track with some separate programming and an opportunity for increased leadership skill development. LTs attend a pre-camp training day with camp staff, work with younger campers at camp, and have opportunities to develop leadership through a variety of camp activities. Formerly known as CIT, or Counselor in Training. The LT rate is the same as the camper rate, however LT’s will receive additional opportunities to benefit their leadership development.

LTs are:
16 or 17 year old campers who have applied to and been accepted into the LT program.
Attend pre-camp leader training.
Serve as role models for younger campers; modeling curiosity, compassion, inquiry, and excellent behavior.
Build, share, and transmit camp culture and traditions. This can include, for example, programming, leading campfire songs, or impromptu games, depending on the interest of the individual LT.
Report to a designated leadership mentor during the camp week.

Apply to be an LT:
Register as a camper using the link above.
Once registered, complete the LT Application listed as an optional form.
After applying, you will be contacted for an interview.